International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate

What is IB?
The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) focuses on the development of the whole child. It is a framework guided by six themes of global significance with a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning. The PYP is based on multiple current research-based best practices in education: constructivism (building on existing knowledge), student-centered learning, multiple learning styles, collaboration, project-based learning, multiple intelligences, and involving students in assessment processes.

Idlewild Elementary was authorized as a PYP World School in 2014, the first in Pierce County. The PYP is for kindergarten through fifth-grade students.

Idlewild’s Program of Inquiry (POI)
The POI shows the horizontal and vertical articulation of Idlewild’s curriculum for grades K-5. In each grade level, students complete six units of inquiry, and in subsequent years build on existing knowledge to deepen their understanding of the unit of inquiry’s theme. Each unit is focused around a Central Idea and up to three Lines of Inquiry. Idlewild's POI

Spanish Language Learning at Idlewild
Each student at Idlewild receives Spanish language instruction, regardless of age or grade! Students meet with Senora Rabago on a weekly basis and work on fluency while exploring Spanish speaking areas around the world. Acquisition of more than one language enriches personal development and helps facilitate international-mindedness (Language Scope & Sequence, 2009, IBO). Senora Rabago uses the Organic World Language instruction model. The six goals of the OWL Methodology are:

  • To use the second language 100% of the time
  • To not be afraid of a second language environment
  • Take risks and break down the filter (make mistakes!)
  • To be able to infer and circumlocute
  • To participate & be part of a community
  • Intrinsic Motivation & Student Ownership (

For links to what your student is learning in Spanish class, and ways you can support please click here


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