Principal Message

Principal Sheri Warrick

Thank you for RISING UP!!

I am so proud of our Idlewild community rising up to the challenge to learn in new ways and to embrace each other through the virtual world. I had the opportunity to meet with some parents last week to see how this virtual learning is going and I got varied responses. I wanted to share those responses because I think they are honest and heartfelt. I also think it’s important to share the responses because you might be feeling alone in your journey at home with your child/children.

“Not Going so good”:

Common responses:

  • I am working during the day and cannot support virtual lessons.
  • It’s hard to keep them engaged, my child is sad about not being able to go to school.
  • My internet is not working great.

What can parents/students do?

  • Send an email to your child’s teacher to work out an alternative plan to access the packets if your child is not able to attend a virtual session. The teacher can support you by sharing videos through teams and resources if you miss a lesson.
  • Consider setting up a reinforcement plan to support engagement. Working toward something they love might be the motivation they need to stay engaged. (if you need help with this, reach out to your child’s teacher or Mrs. Briggs,
  • During these times, families are need resources that they may not be used to accessing. Our district continues to gather community resources for families:
  • Meal Times and Locations:

“Going Ok”:

Common Responses:

  • My child attended the sessions but then I am not sure what to do with the rest of the packet.
  • We did good for two sessions but we missed the other two sessions.
  • I don’t know where to get the new packets every week.
  • The kids keep muting and unmuting each other and my child is distracted.
  • The packet is not challenging enough for my child.

What can parents/students do?

  • Keep going—sometimes we as parents are really hard on ourselves and we think we need to do everything “right” in during this time. My hope for you ---You are going to do the best you can and start each day new. Give yourself grace and know that it will all work out. We won’t give up together—the end of the school year is getting close.
  • Packets: New learning packets are available every Wednesday outside the fence at Idlewild. They are also available on the lunch stops on Wednesdays and at the district office on Gravelly Lake Drive.
  • If your child misses a session, email your child’s teacher and let them know what how you intend to help them with what they missed.
  • Sit in on a few sessions if possible (especially for specialists) Some students are not using the tools correctly.   Muting and unmuting the instructors and or posting comments that are not connected to the lesson are big distractors for other students trying learn.  
  • Email or talk with your child’s teacher on the phone about making sure your child is being challenged.

Do the best you can do and know that the Idewild staff is here to support you. We know it’s not an option to give up. School is still in session and it is our job to educate.

As of last week we had 82% of our students engaged in learning and 12 families still waiting on technology.

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