#SuperSchoolShoutout: Idlewild Falcons!

#SuperSchoolShoutout: Idlewild Falcons!
Posted on 01/17/2024

This week, we’re showing our #CPSDPride with a #SuperSchoolShoutOut to Idlewild Elementary School! 

Idlewild is the CPSD elementary school that follows International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. The goal of this curriculum is to create lifelong learners by targeting students’ inquiring minds. They learn by connecting classroom lessons to real world scenarios so they can be knowledgeable and caring of their global and local community through intercultural understanding and respect. 

“A big part of this year is our IB evaluation, which is a great opportunity to rejuvenate the cycle of inquiry,” Principal Sheri Warrick said. “We are going to help adults and kids learn together through the things that they’re really passionate about. This year, we can reflect on where we’re at and how we can make our IB program even better.”

Principal Warrick believes that student agency is the key to engagement at school. She fosters an environment where students feel welcomed and supported as they explore their interests and express themselves. 

“The most important thing that we focus on first is making sure everyone feels that they belong here,” Principal Warrick said. “They’ve got a place where they can be curious about learning and take action in some way to make the world better.”

#SuperSchoolShoutout: Idlewild Elementary School

To continue our Super School Shoutout to Beachwood, we'd like to honor first grader James George and resource teacher Kathryn Alonso.

At Idlewild, James feels like he can walk up to anybody and make a friend. He loves his teacher, Epiphanie Wooten, and makes sure to participate in her class. He also looks forward to lunch and recess where he can spend time with his friends, and play football, soccer or basketball.

James is a problem solver and his favorite subject is math. “I like math because it's easy for me,” he said. “Reading is a little harder, but I’ve been reading more and getting better at it.” 

Outside of reading and math, James enjoys playing with Legos because it’s a hands-on activity. He loves anything that gets him moving and hopes to get better at football so he can become a professional receiver when he grows up.

#SuperSchoolShoutout: James and Kathryn

Kathryn has been on the CPSD team for 20 years. She’s spent the entirety of her time at Idlewild and loves being a Falcon. “The community of teachers, staff, parents and students have become my family,” she said. “I am from Ontario, Canada, and my husband is from Mexico, so Idlewild has become my home away from home.”

Three years ago, Kathryn transitioned from being a teacher in the success program to becoming Idlewild’s resource teacher. “It was great to change things up after 17 years,” she said. “I was excited for a new adventure, and this has been a great fit.”

Kathryn works with students from each grade and often with new students every half hour. She enjoys the versatility of each day and her role supporting students’ academic achievement and their social emotional wellbeing. “This year, I'm proud that our team is making sure kids spend more time in their classroom by collaborating with teachers and the interventionists to give students support without taking them out of class.”  

Go Falcons!