2024 Employees of the Year Selected

Twiggs, Gonzalez Cruz and Warrick selected as CPSD Employees of the Year
Posted on 05/20/2024
Three separate headshots of female employees looking at the camera. From left to right: Julie Twiggs from Carter Lake Elementary School, Gonzalez Cruz from Custer Elementary School and Sheri Warrick from Idlewild Elementary School.

Three Clover Park School District (CPSD) employees were honored as Employees of the Year during a ceremony at Clover Park High School on May 13.


Each year CPSD honors exemplary employees in three categories: certificated, classified and administrative. Award recipients are chosen by an independent panel of

Lakewood citizens.


"Our Employee of the Year program recognizes the many talented and dedicated employees who work in CPSD," said Superintendent Ron Banner. "These three winners, and our 18 other nominees, are representatives of the incredible work happening at our schools and in our classrooms. They work hard to create promising futures every day."


2024 Employees of the Year are:


  • Certificated: Julie Twiggs, fourth/fifth grade teacher, Carter Lake Elementary School
  • Classified: Claudia Gonzalez Cruz, paraeducator, Custer Elementary School
  • Administrative: Sheri Warrick, principal, Idlewild Elementary School


Certificated Employee of the Year

Julie Twiggs, Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher, Carter Lake Elementary School


Julie exemplifies dedication in education. Her attention to detail, above-and-beyond attitude and commitment to district initiatives makes her an invaluable member of the Carter Lake team. Students grow in her class and she finds ways to modify instruction through learning apps to provide students with the opportunity for choice. She finds engaging ways to reach students with less of an interest in school and differentiates learning for those who love school and already excel to push them even further.


Classified Employee of the Year

Claudia Gonzalez Cruz, Paraeducator, Custer Elementary School


Claudia is willing to do anything for anyone and help in any way she can. A talented artist, she is always sharing her skills to make beautiful new spaces in Custer. She is bilingual and was willing to become an interpreter to help at the school. She is universally respected in the building and is the first person asked to help when short-handed because she is reliable and thorough. Her intention is always to serve and support students and staff, and she demonstrates that at every opportunity.


Administrative Employee of the Year

Sheri Warrick, Principal, Idlewild Elementary School


Sheri cultivates an environment where students, families and staff members are valued and supported. She believes in a dedication to collaboration and unity, and she provides staff with the tools and resources they need to give students the chance to thrive. She is a beacon of leadership among her peers and colleagues due to her ability to inspire others, and her natural inclination towards teamwork fosters an environment of inclusivity and cooperation in every project she undertakes. She approaches every situation with a multifaceted perspective that considers everyone involved.